darkflame7 asked:

In regards to the file resolution question, do you think it's harmful to work in significantly larger resolutions? (Say, 900dpi+)

shoomlah answered:

I can’t imagine any instance where that would be “harmful,” per sé, but it also seems like you’re dealing with diminishing returns at a certain point.

The only times I find myself using 900+ dpi is when I’m scanning something that I plan on enlarging for print or display- if you have long term plans to zoom into/enlarge your piece then knock yourself out, but 900 dpi seems a bit egregious for day-to-day work.  My big takeaways:

  • 11 x 17” at 900dpi is the equivalent of a print-resolution 33 x 51” file, and that’s gonna most workstations slow to a crawl if you’re working with any substantial number of layers
  • brushes and brush textures have a set resolution (they aren’t vector), and they can start to look crappy when they’re enlarged past a certain size
  • there’s no significant difference between printed 300 and 900 dpi to the naked eye, and the same can be said when you’re shrinking them down to 1000px tall for display online

Again- not harmful, but not necessarily helpful, either.


artarray asked:

How big are your drawings pixel/resolution wise? I've been wanting to give line art another try (i found out you have big files so the detail of the lines aren't noticeable and you don't do all of them with one stroke!!) I do my things at 200 resolution pixels/inch

shoomlah answered:

Well it’s not just the dpi that matters!  You could have a 200 dpi image that’s only 400 x 400 pixels, and you’re still going to get some pretty shitty artifacting from your strokes. :)

I work at 8.5 x 11”, 300 dpi at the least, but most of my finished pieces are 11 x 17” and up.  This is some of my lineart at 100%, par exemple:


high resolution is a must, even if you’re just downsizing it and posting it online- it allows you a sharpness and level of control that you can’t get at basic screen resolution.  You can get away with 150-200 dpi, I’m sure, but I wholly suggest upgrading to 300 and up!

It’s also awesome if you ever need to resize your work for promotional purposes- if you’re working in the 300+ dpi range, you have a lot more leeway for what’s going to look good on a giant banner. :D